The12866’s Ten Most Clicked – #6: A Dynasty Recognized

The steps of Saratoga Springs City Hall were filled with current and former team members, coaches, and supporters on May 3, as The City stepped up to the plate and recognized Saratoga Gymnastics’ 20 CONSECTUTIVE Section 2 titles. Photos: Jessica Troisi

{{{Editor’s Note: Lest you think that readers of The12866 are only interested in galas, events, and more galas, sometimes a good story with an old-fashioned happy ending gets a big response. Our list will show a number of general interest stories, but none bigger than this one.


It was February 19, 2022, and I, frankly, had had enough.

After about a decade of covering a team – Saratoga Gymnastics – for various publications and my own website; a team that did nothing but win, win, win – and yet were relatively unrecognized given their dominance over Section 2 that extended longer than the current team members were alive (!) – a legacy that extended for 20 years – I decided to take off the gloves, advocate and editorialize. This was indeed a rare thing for me on this website, but official recognition for this hard-working team was long overdue

Even though I believed (and still do) that a parade recognizing this two-decade dynasty was appropriate, politics is sometimes the art of the possible, and so, official recognition from Mayor Kim and the Saratoga Springs City Council in May, was more than welcome. Click the link below to see the post that put things in motion, and once again, congrats to these mighty mites (and their coaches and supporters) for 20 years of athletic excellence. }}} – AG

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