The12866’s Ten Most Clicked – #5: Perfect Product Placement

Tyler Perry (L) observes Cate Blanchett (R) swig One With Life Tequila straight from the bottle in box office smash “Don’t Look Up.”

{{{Editor’s Note: Let’s be fair and thorough…

While a top 5 of the year score is something to be proud of, this one was much more than that. Much, much more in fact.

You see, this post actually hit in 2021, December 27th to be exact. It was a Christmas gift to Lisa Elovich, owner of locally-based tequila One With Life (OWL.) She awoke on Christmas morning to her phone being blown up by friends and fans with the news that her distinctive bottle was in the big budget Hollywood movie “Don’t Look Up.”

Lisa and I had worked on previous promotions before, and when she gave our readers and myself first-crack at this story, I told her she wouldn’t be sorry… and BANG!

Buoyed by featured placements on both Saratoga Report and Empire Report New York, the post rocketed past all others, becoming the #1 post of 2021 with ease, almost doubling the number of clicks of the second place post! The story had such “legs” in January, 2022, that it still finished in the Top 5 in 2022, despite the fact that overall viewership on the site increased by over 70% this year.

That, my friends, is what I mean by ‘much, much more!’ Happy Holidays, and a big toast to Lisa and the OWL crew!

Click the link below and re-live a local slice of Hollywood magic!}}} – AG


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