A Two-Decade Dynasty!

Hey Mayor! When is their Parade Already?

On the Cover: What Continuity of Greatness looks like: (L to R) -YOUR 2022 Captains Junior Erika Sudigala, Senior Carly Ruschak and Sophmore Charlie Gleekman. All three of these young ladies made the New York State team for the meet on March 5th, along with teammates Angie Damiano (10th grade,) Madi Austin (10th) and Ayla Skinner (who is just an 8th grader!) Photo provided by Jessica Troisi

A 12866.com Editorial

SARATOGA SPRINGS – On Wednesday, February 16, The Saratoga Blue Streak Gymnastics Squad reinforced their tradition of excellence by securing their 20th Consecutive Section 2 title. To put this massive accomplishment in perspective, consider the achievements of these revered sports dynasties:

  • New York Yankees – 5 consecutive World Series Championships (1949-53)
  • Montreal Canadiens – 5 Consecutive Stanley Cups (1955-60)
  • Boston Celtics -8 Consecutive NBA Championships (1959-66)
  • Packers/Steelers/49ers/Cowboys/Patriots – 2 Consecutive Super Bowl victories.

Great achievements all. And rightly celebrated. But now – you do the math: Add those four major sports league’s streak numbers together, and you get…. wait for it…. why, you get a total of 20. The same number as the mighty Blue Streak Gymnasts by themselves. Gee.

Put it another way: Twenty years is longer than any member of the current Saratoga Blue Streak Gymnastics Championship squad has been on Earth, for crying out loud!

Oh, one more thing: All those consecutive winning streaks are over. Except one. And, with only one senior Captain (Carly Ruschak) this year, and an 8th grader (Ayla Skinner) who made the NYS tourney squad, the Blue Streak Gymnasts are loaded for next year, and odds-on to hit #21. But before that, let’s take time to celebrate what has happened here.

I have to say that it’s gratifying to see the regional media finally picking up on this story. A sports section front in the Gazette, features on Channels 10 and 13’s sports segments are all terrific to see. But this is Saratoga’s team – a point of pride that should get some special recognition locally.

And in that connection, I ask Mayor Ron Kim: What date should I reserve for a parade that honors these young ladies, as well as alumni members of nineteen previous squads, and their coaches? While it’s been my pleasure to watch and write about these young athletes, I have no dog in this hunt, no daughter on any of the 20 championship squads. But I’m tired of seeing these young ladies work so hard, do so well, and end up as poster children for the phrase “long overdue.”

Twenty consecutive years, Mr. Mayor! When the boys football squad went to the State Championship one time in 2016 (and, FYI, were defeated) they were greeted on their return home by a police escort from exit 13! Perhaps our new Governor or Attorney General will be interested in our record of honoring athletes of both genders, and want to help honor them as well. But it all starts with you, and it’s long overdue, Mr. Mayor. Set the parade date.

Twenty consecutive years, Mr. Mayor. If you have no time to run to Mangione Locksmith to have some Keys to the City made for you, just say so, Mr. Mayor! I’m sure that 20 years of parents, and well-wishers (all old enough to vote) will gladly volunteer to make the trip for you.

But I’m sure that you won’t decide such things on crass, political considerations. This is a Two Decade Dynasty we are talking about – as special as special can be – and you’ll decide to do it because it is the right thing to do. To correct a situation that is long overdue.

When is their parade, Mayor Kim?

Arthur Gonick – February 19, 2022

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