She’s Gonna Rock Down To…

Deb Cavanaugh and Dandelion Wine Release Jammin Remake of Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue” Today! (Audio Below)

Deb Cavanaugh

Perpetual Vibes, LLC and Deb Cavanaugh would like to announce Deb’s new single “Electric Avenue” the remake of Eddy Grant’s song on Friday December 23, 2022.  The song was from their show at the Jive Hive  in Albany and recorded on September 9th, featuring Deb Cavanaugh lead vocals and mountain dulcimer; Ben Hart on drums & Jared Carrozza on upright bass.

A unique blend of blues, rock & roll, folk and more, Dandelion Wine plays “psychedelic folk”.
​Very much like Deb Cavanaugh’s former band, General Eclectic, Dandelion Wine’s line-up may vary depending on the venue and availability of musicians. Currently, Dandelion Wine is Jared Carrozza on bass and Ben Hart on drums. Ben also provides vocal backup and sometimes lead guitar.

Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and roots singer Deb Cavanaugh lives in the foothills of the Taconic Mountains, in upstate New York. Deb started singing before she spoke while her dad exposed her to Classical, Big Band and Jazz. As a teenager, Deb studied classical voice, and became enamored with blues, rock and Motown. While studying classical music, she was given the opportunity to sing Duke Ellington’s sacred music in a church choir directed by Duke, himself!  During the mid-70s, Deb met her future husband and hitchhiked with him across the country to San Francisco, jumping into the world of rock and roll.

“Lots of people cover songs, but I like to find songs that are a little more obscure and play them on my electrified mountain dulcimer with effects pedals. Because the dulcimer is usually used in traditional music, it adds another level of uniqueness to each song.” Deb Cavanaugh, lead vocals, mountain dulcimer.

“Deb and her new band have an amazing sound and this remake of “Electric Avenue” shows how unique they are and that they have amazing group energy.”  Michelle Moyer, Owner at Perpetual Vibes.

Give a Listen!

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