The12866’s Ten Most Clicked – #9: A Delicious No-Brainer!

Discover Saratoga had it going on – again!

{{{Editor’s Note: Continuing our review of the12866’s posts you enjoyed most – as measured by your clicks on the site.

Shout it louda’, Saratoga loves its Chowda!

And never was this more true than in 2022, when Chowderfest – a beloved winter event, returned with a fury after a two-year viral warfare hiatus… in fact, necessity was truly the mother of invention, as post-pandemic considerations dictated moving the event from its regular calendar spot on the first Saturday in February (you know, the day before that other ‘Souper Bowl’) to March 26. And this move apparently made a big, big difference in consumer confidence, and attendance.

In fact, the late March weather, while still plenty chilly to enjoy chowder, was a lot better for roaming the streets outside in search of that next big flavor. I have no influence over Discover Saratoga’s planning, but here’s a vote for keeping that later date.

Regardless, the Chowder we sampled was so terrific, we’d be down for it in a blizzard or the 4th of July!

This was correspondent Jill Perkins’ first mega-event coverage, and she did great. Click the link below to relive our odyssey, as we started out on the perimeter with a visit to the Chowder G.O.A.T. – Kevin Meyers at the Ribbon Café, who could probably move his operation to Mars and still win this (I can hear him now: “Probably, Arthur? Try def!”)

He’s right. In fact, it’s a delicious no-brainer! Dig in!}}} -AG

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