AIM and the Big Family

New Record Raised at Vin Le Soir

Photos: Ken Ivins. Provided by AIM Services, Inc.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – A few years ago, you started seeing the signs.

Signs on house and business windows that provided an affirmative response to what some perceived as growing societal intolerance. An encouraging note of hope for diverse people striving to be accepted into the mainstream. A simple message – with megatons of power:

But for AIM Services, Inc., that sign has been in their window since 1979.

“AIM Services, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the “power of potential” in people of diverse abilities. Through community based services, advocacy, and education, dedicated professionals focus on supporting people in achieving their personal goals, while promoting self-confidence and independence”

“Our Mission” – AIM Services’ Website

As their mission has progressed and their ‘welcome mat’ footprint expanded, so have AIM’s family of supporters, which explains why an SRO audience (plus overflow “Dinner To Go” patrons,) filled Longfellows Restaurant last Wednesday, November 3. Those attendees, plus donators, raffle ticket buyers, silent auction bidders and corporate sponsors (led by healthcare software pioneer eVero Corporation of Melville, NY) combined to set a record (just under $60,000 at press time) at this wine aficionado’s event – Vin le Soir. This also provided the perfect platform for the official launch of AIM’s new mission-based campaign, designed to ameliorate specific needs that tend to crop up during winter and Holiday time:

The theme tonight was Spanish / Mediterranean throughout: from the vintage vintages, cuisine from Longfellows (ole’ paella!), and the soundtrack provided by guitar masters Maria Zemantauski and Sten Isachsen. At one point in the proceedings, the romantic dimmed lights were dimmed further still, and attendees were treated to an upbeat video put together by AIM’s Marissa Romero and Bo Goliber.

Because I’m a member of the family, I pulled a favor and got a copy (below) for you to check out, along with the gallery that follows. Enjoy both, to paraphrase the words of AIM Executive Director Christopher Lyons:

“¡Eso es familia!”

Arthur Gonick – November 7, 2021

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