There’s Always H.O.P.E.

Annual Gala Showcases Eternal 2-way Loyalty Between Pets and Humans

On the Cover: News10 Chief Meteorologist Steve Caporizzo receives rapt attention as he delivers the keynote address to attendees at the H.O.P.E. Gala on Friday, November 5th.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – It’s the bond that endures.

“I remember how I used to grumble at that 5 a.m. barking to go out…. I’d give anything to hear that 5 a.m. barking again”

So stated Steve Caporizzo, his voice breaking at times, but always resolute. The jovial News10 Chief Meteorologist and host of ‘Pet Connection’ was in the process of cementing another connection – that of humans and their pets. A bond that endures long after our best friends have passed on.

“5:15 for me, Steve.” one audience member shouted.

“5:15.” he replied. “Don’t you wish you could have one more 5:15 a.m.?” From the back of the room, you could see heads nodding everywhere. Steve had them in the palm of his hand. Because the good news that he was about to deliver of course, is that there are many, many canine, feline, and other-ine examples of God’s creatures that are available today; available to not only give you the 5:15 a.m. greeting, but a copious and inexhaustible supply of unconditional love and loyalty at any time throughout your day.

It was that fact, and the knowledge that this bond is a connection that needs constant reinforcing, that brought a very healthy turnout of attendees to Prime at Saratoga National on Friday evening, November 5, for the H.O.P.E (Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist) Annual Gala.

It had been, for obvious reasons, quite some time since this group had been able to get together in a gala setting, but H.O.P.E. endured, indeed – thrived during this hiatus time. A chief achievement was the opening of their storefront adoption center at the Wilton Mall during the winter of 2020…

… where adoption, education and programs such as cat yoga commenced.

On this night, Prime did their usual spectacular presentation of food and beverage, an interesting assortment of silent auction items were bid on, and the duo of Jackie Dugas and Rick Bolton (“Jacksland”) made many new fans with their assortment of tunes. But what made this night distinctive was the attendees. In my estimation, the overwhelming majority of people here tonight are not members of the ‘gala crowd’ – you don’t see them at many of these fundraisers, if at all. This is their thing, and they are loyal.

So loyal, that I declare that on this night, if these folks had tails, they’d be a-wagging constantly!

Enjoy the gallery, and visit to see their current inventory of unconditional love providers and other activities.

Arthur Gonick – November 8, 2021

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