The Finest of Days

SARATOGA SPRINGS – On this day, we got a glimpse – a taste of a brighter future.

On this day, we got a message of real tangible progress. Success stories. In the broad categories of both humanity, and habitat.

We received a vision of The Finest of Days – where One Fine Day might grow into many. Into most days. Perhaps, dare we dream, into every day.

The Finest of Days.

We were also acquainted with how far we have to travel as a society to get there.

But these messages were accompanied by others, of steely resolve. That we, in fact, do intend to make our best effort into turning One Fine Day into The Finest of Days.

And on this One Fine Day, when we heard stories of obstacles overcome and vanquished; of experiencing setbacks, absorbing them – and yet letting none slow our step, not one bit – we came away liking our chances very much, thank you.

The Finest of Days may yet lie ahead, but we moved closer to them on this day.

And that made Tuesday, August 27th, One Fine Day indeed. Enjoy the gallery.

Arthur Gonick – August 30, 2019

One Fine Day: Gallery photos by Cathy Duffy and Arthur

(Click on any pic to start the carousel)

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