Fashion Forever…

On the Cover: Did you think I was going to make you wait and then take the same angle as everyone else? Lisa Miller getting the 2019 fashionable roster.

Goodwill ALSO Never Goes Out of Style!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – First, a little prologue…

On Wednesday, August 21, the evening before the Final Fashion Finale was to take place, a special gathering begins – below Saratoga Trunk at the Palette Cafe` (493 Broadway) at which some of tomorrow’s fashion models and VIP guests – “Trunkettes” past and present – came to deliver a special toast and gifts, including a commemorative bracelet (see below) to Natalie A. Sillery for her 21 years of organizing THE leading fashion show in the region (let’s face it: there really was nothing even close) – The Saratoga Fashion Show at Saratoga Racecourse.

These photos are by Lisa Miller – Studio di Luce. You can see her entire album of the event – “Honoring Natalie” – here: – and her terrific work chronicling the next day’s fashion show itself – here:

Meanwhile, our coverage continues, starting with…


Anatomy of a Group Shot

Speaking of Lisa Miller, why does she appear to be saying a little silent prayer?

It’s probably because she has once again been tasked with organizing this year’s gaggle of gorgeousness!

Fortunately, she has some of the best in the business helping her… look how organized – everybody pointing in the same direction – magnificent!

But somehow slowly, make that s l o w l y, it all starts to come together….

Natalie joins the group, and Lisa has her shot – BANG!

And BANG! once more for good measure!

That’s how the pros make it look easy! Thanks, Lisa! While you are up there, can I get you some Champagne? Or perhaps a stiff belt of Scotch? ; )


“Natalie Sillery is a treasure to all that know her. Not only is she a philanthropic queen, she has lovingly orchestrated so many friendships, connections and life changing opportunities. She’s a legend in the fashion industry and clearly, a legend among us all who came to support her, THEIA and The RMHC. She helps people feel like their best self at Saratoga Trunk; and works hard for the families at the RMHC. I just pray that she feels the gratitude of us all today and she’s lifted the way she lifts others – everyday!” – Rebecca Beers

In addition to displaying her superior photo bombing skills, Rebecca was overheard exhibiting extemporaneous poignancy, that I believe spoke for everyone who has ever walked the runway and/or participated in some way, shape or form throughout the years.

On this day, Thursday, August 22nd – they came to honor Natalie in an extra-special way – the same way she has honored everyone for decades now.

More thoughts in a moment. But now we present our first gallery: Who doesn’t love a parade? Especially one so lovely, all dressed in THEIA fashions. Of course, with no runway per se’ this year, at times my vantage point was as if I was the runway! But no matter, strike up the bagpipes and enjoy….

Gallery 1: The Fabulous Fashion Finale

(click on any photo to start the carousel)

And so, the Fashion Finale has come and gone, but the larger question on many, if not everyone’s mind on this afternoon was: Is it really all over?

Well, at the risk of mixing metaphors, they give me this vehicle to drive, and pay me to swing a bat – and so I say IMHO: I highly doubt that it is all over.

Perhaps I am engaging in wishful thinking. Certainly it is over here – at the Saratoga Racecourse. The runway that once was able to exist is no longer, and cannot be, at the shiny new 1863 Club, due to its configuration. That is a fact, and will not change. But there are many venues that could accommodate a runway, and still more that might be appropriate post-renovation. I leave it to you to speculate about possibilities, but there are several.

And in one sense – it will never be over for those who participated through the years, and developed strong bonds, memories, and lasting friendships. “We have to have a reunion at least!” Model Corey Comiskey expressed to me “I never see some of my favorite people except when I’m at this event.”

Corey Comiskey

And in the largest, most important sense, the giving spirit that is part of the participants’ DNA in this town – applied at Fashion Shows or Mardi Gras, White Party’s or wine tastings, pajama parties or Fun Runs; benefiting the injured and the indigent; the veteran and the economically challenged future scholar – that spirit isn’t going anywhere, thankfully. It may take a different form of expression from time to time, but it will never expire.

And that is thanks to all of you.

Enjoy the gallery which follows, knowing full well that whatever happens – in The 12866 – goodwill, like classic fashion, never goes out of style.

Arthur Gonick – August 28, 2019

Gallery 2: Goodwill Never Goes Out of Style

(click on any photo to start the carousel)

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