The12866’s Ten Most Clicked – #3: Collateral Damage file photo: Violence inside and surrounding Gaffney’s caused the SLA to close it down for a time, and impose harsh measures for them to eventually re-open. But they were not the only ones affected by their edict.

{{Editor’s Note: Continuing our recap of 2022’s most popular posts, as judged by your clicks and shares… I have to say that this one was a bit of a surprise, in that the subject (and tone) were a little outside our day-to-day mission.

And, what is that mission? Simply capsulized, I would say that if I can provide the best news of your day, I feel like I’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

In general, it appears that there is a responsiveness in our market to stories that are factual, but yet positive. Too often, media is criticized for seizing upon the “gloom and doom” – thinking that this is the only way to get readers, viewers, and clicks. “If it bleeds, it leads” is a phrase associated with this thinking.

Well, in fact, it may be one way to build an audience, but you have proven that it is not the only way – as evidenced by this note I received just yesterday from the stats-keepers on my website provider:

Not too bad for a site that covers a city of 28,500 population, give or take, in just 3 years time. I thank you immensely for accepting something that offers an alternative; an oasis from the gloom and doom. We’ll strive very hard to be worthy of that faith as we look forward to our next half-million views…

But sometimes…

Look, I’m not Polyanna by any means – I’m well aware how harsh and unfair modern life can be. And when I saw an injustice being imposed upon a community of musicians (that had already been getting whammed by a pandemic) as a consequence of the harsh (and, IMHO – deserved) penalty imposed on Gaffney’s by the State Liquor Authority (SLA,) I could not just look away.

Click below to see the post which received our #3 highest number of clicks, and definitely prompted the most discussion in 2022. Maybe it wasn’t such a surprise after all.}}- AG

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