Gallery: McKrells Christmas Show

Five Night Residency at The Parting Glass Was Once Again the Place to Be!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Here’s a little audio soundtrack to get you in the mood while you peruse the photos (press play.)

“Blue Grass, White Snow” recorded live at The Parting Glass – 12/22/21

One of the quintessential music offerings in this area has just concluded another successful run. When Holiday times roll around, nothing can get you in the mood for all the festivities like the McKrells Christmas Show.

Group leader Kevin McKrell always puts together an All-Star ensemble – composed of both returning and new favorites. In addition to Kevin on guitar and vocals, this year’s lineup included:

Peter Pashoukos on Guitar

Brian Melick – Drums

Arlin Greene – Bass

Frank Orsini – Fiddle

Scott Hopkins – Banjo

They play at assorted venues throughout the region come Holiday time, but seeing this show at The Parting Glass, where they just concluded a run of six shows in five nights – all well-attended with a few sold out in advance – takes the atmosphere up several notches, giving the show an extra-special luster and appeal.

At the conclusion of this year’s run, Kevin McKrell offered the following to the band’s supporters on social media:

“So…. Tonight The McKrells wrapped up a wonderful run of Christmas shows. We want to thank all who came out to celebrate Christmas with us and look forward to seeing you all in the coming year .We will leave you with this. Yes the world at large is a particularly scary place right now . But if you zoom in a bit and take a look closer to home you may find that in spite of all the scary there are small bits of life goes on, the sun will rise and joy cometh in the morning. Upon close inspection you may find sufficient small joys and a wee glimmer of hope to shed enough light to lessen the burden of living in a time of madness….” Peace, The McKrells

A fine place to Segway into our gallery. Thanks to Susan at ‘The Glass’ for inviting our photographer Jill Perkins to get up close. Enjoy the gallery and Merry Christmas to all!

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