A Community Harvests…

United Way Event at Pitney Meadows Thursday

File Photo: All these veggies were grown at Pitney. On Thursday, you can help harvest some to help local organizations feed your neighbors!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – {{Editor’s Note: I received this announcement from Peter Gannon, President & CEO of United Way of the Greater Capital Region. Correspondent Amy Ryan will be there to harvest carrots on Thursday, hopefully shoulder-to-shoulder with you!}} – AG

“My name is Peter Gannon and last year I was appointed the President & CEO of United Way of the Greater Capital Region. 

“A major goal of our organization, in my first year, has been to expand our presence in the City of Saratoga Springs and build on some of the great partnerships we’ve formed in this community over the years.  

“Next Thursday, October 17, we’ve created an exciting and unique event with our partners at Pitney Meadows Community Farms and the Franklin Community Center.  I’m inviting you to join me and colleagues from United Way to our “Harvest for Your Community”. 

“Beginning at 4 pm, you can join us as we work with the farmers from Pitney Meadows to harvest carrots (which will be distributed to the pantries of their community partners).   At 5, staff from the farm will take visitors on a brief tour of the farm grounds.  Around 5:30 we’ll convene in the greenhouse to enjoy some farm-to-table fare, craft beer and wine – while I get the opportunity to share briefly about the future of United Way of the Greater Capital Region. 

“I am looking forward to you joining us for all, or a portion, or the evening.  The event details are attached and, while this event is free to participate – we are encouraging registration using the link below.


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