It’s Elementary!

Saratoga Children’s Theatre’s Fifth Annual Clue Mystery Dinner Gets a Standing O!

All Crime Scene Photos: Jill Perkins

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Aspiring writers, particularly reporters on deadline, are encouraged to stick to the “5W’s.”

But at The Wishing Well Restaurant on Sunday evening, March 12 – only 4 were necessary:


With What? and…

Which Room?

… as Saratoga Children’s Theatre (SCT) and a SRO gathering recreated the spirit of a century ago. The wardrobe department would be proud, as most attendees dusted off their flapper outfits and spats, and hit the house in full Roaring ’20s regalia.

The evening’s theme was “Lady Day at The Well,” and in addition to silent auction items, paddle raises and a wine pull, SCT spared no expense in summoning the spirits of celebrity suspects, such as Billie Holiday, George Gershwin, and Salvador Dali. The latter was later found to have a bit of blood on his easel, as it were, yet that did not deter the attendees from enjoying some of what this reporter (and his co-conspiring photographer) regarded as some of the best fundraiser food they have had in quite some time.

And that’s no mystery. The Wishing Well kitchen did not rest on their lofty reputation – they enhanced it by serving up copious quantities of their signature dishes and sides family style, in a coordinated ballet, hitting every table simultaneously, that would be the envy of the finale of A Chorus Line! We wish we could show you some pics of the dishes, but honestly, they got dug into too quickly. You’ll have to pledge a return visit to The Wishing Well to see them yourself, which is always a good idea.

It’s Elementary, my dear Watson Reader – Saratoga Children’s Theatre definitely did this evening the right way! Enjoy the Gallery.


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