SCOOP! There It Is…

Available Everywhere Monday. As the Cover Says: Cue the Mania

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The subject of numerous sightings – real and imagined – during his local filming of scenes for the upcoming film “Paint,” Owen Wilson has given an exclusive interview to Saratoga Living Magazine. The issue will be out next Monday, March 20.

Congratulations to SL’s CEO Abby Tegnelia, who conducted the interview, and worked her Chick-fil-A off to get it: “We knew we wanted him on the cover immediately and reached out after they finished shooting to introduce ourselves. Then we started working on getting the interview in earnest in November.”

The hard work eventually paid off. Of course, you’ll enjoy the entire interview, but Abby was kind enough to offer these ‘sneak preview’ nuggets:

“Well, he loves LA and Hawaii – so naturally, it snowed here on their first day of filming in April – but he loved it!”

“Even though he admitted to being cold often, he was game enough to jump into Lake George.”

Overall, Owen Wilson enjoyed his working visit to the Region, and indicated he would love to return, perhaps during racing season.

The cover photo of Wilson was taken by esteemed photographer Mark Seliger. Saratoga Living is the only media outlet in the Capital Region to get an interview with Wilson.

The interview will also be online at at 8 am Monday.

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