April 1 for AIM’s CARNIVAL II – NO Foolin’!

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Alex Torres isn’t foolin’ – He and his Latin Orchestra will be back on April 1 to subir la temperatura considerably, as only he can!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – OK, so we can have a bunch of fun and mess around with a bushel of April Fool jokes, but don’t you dare spend too much time doing so – lest you become the April Fool yourself!

And that will surely be the result if you hesitate too long before clicking this LINK. A link that will enable you to purchase passage to a great party, for an even greater cause. That would be AIM Services’ CARNIVAL – back for a second year on April 1; as good as you remember (that is, if you listened…)

To concisely recap what we told you last year – this event WILL sell out. It is only a question of how soon.

As evidence, note well that ALL the reserved seating on 4/1/23 has been sold out already at this time. Yet, fear not – the Vapor Night Club setup has plenty of open high tops throughout the facility for you to rest your plate of Chimichurri, (or any of the other Brazilian delicacies the Saratoga Casino Hotel staff have planned to dazzle your taste-buds) and do a suave samba with your sweetie on the Vapor dance floor, to the sounds of the award-winning Alex Torres and his Latin Orchestra.

And while the evening’s festivities are 1000% fun from end-to-end, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out the good cause the event’s proceeds helps to support: Carnival raises funds to create opportunities for exposure to life-enriching experiences in the arts that enhance the senses and abilities of the people we serve with developmental and intellectual challenges. Funds raised from last year’s Carnival have funded art classes at Saratoga Arts, yoga and mindfulness classes with Yo Re Mi, guitar lessons at Caffe Lena, candle making classes with Wax ‘n’ Wix, painting classes with Saratoga Paint and Sip Studio and so much more!

All wonderful – doing good by allowing yourself an evening of massive enjoyment. Of course, that assumes you click this LINK pronto, and avoid that dreaded April Foolishness of being shut out.

**** PSA ****

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