The12866’s Ten Most Clicked – Who’s #1?

Cover Photo: Jill Perkins

Look to the Future – Saratoga Children’s Theatre

All ages welcome at final dress rehearsal for SCT’s Valentine’s Day Cabaret!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Hey, listen – if the NFL can wait till the following February to crown a champion, so can we! Plus, as you shall see, the timing could not be more appropriate…

Now, this might be a surprise to some, given the amount of gala coverage and the large number of party pics we run, that Saratoga Children’s Theatre (and its adult counterpart – Spa City Theatre -both conveniently sharing the same acronym: SCT) should gather 2022’s top “most clicked” designation – in this case, for a review of their production of Disney’s Descendant’s. But, if you explore SCT’s history (now in its 13th year,) and the number of lives it has touched (which includes parents as well – they add up too,) it goes a long way to explaining their perhaps UTR strength in this market.

But raw numbers only tell one portion of the story. Concurrent to this is the fervency of the commitment that people feel toward SCT – current performers, alumni, and parent/guardians. And this commitment continues no matter where people go as they develop their careers. Watch this video and you’ll feel the enthusiasm of SCT’s supporters almost jump off the screen:

Video provided by Saratoga Children’s Theatre

And now, with a grand performance space of their own at 615 Maple Avenue, an increased number of offerings, including a long-sought home for their summer camp programming, and an overall increase in the number of future stars (youth and adult) they will be fostering, this is an organization on the upswing.

And certainly worthy of your support.

Maybe this was not such a surprise, after all.


Recently, on February 11, SCT put on a “one-night-only” romantic, Valentine’s Day program to showcase some of their all-ages talent. Correspondent Jill Perkins went to the final dress rehearsal the evening before with her camera. She enthusiastically noted:

“The Valentine’s Day Cabaret was exceptional!

“‘From Broadway with Love’ was filled with so many familiar classic love songs and it was great to see kids of all ages learning and loving these timeless pieces and singing their hearts out. These kids and young adults are bursting with talent and their voices are nothing short of powerful and angelic.

“I encourage anyone looking for captivating and wholesome family entertainment to follow Saratoga Children Theatre’s performance schedule and attend a production in their new spacious theater. Visit


A fun and enjoyable way to support SCT is coming soon. On Sunday, March 12, they will be holding a Gala of their own: Their Fifth Annual Clue Murder Mystery Evening will take place at The Wishing Well Restaurant.

SCT’s 2022 Clue Murder Mystery Gala

For gala tickets, and anytime you feel inclined to make a donation and/or volunteer, contact Executive Director Caroline Haladjian at

You can never go wrong when you make an investment in our future.

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