Not Just Desserts: Ballston Spa Chocolate Fest

All Photos: Jill Perkins
Carol & Pete warm up with rum infused dark chocolate cake by Great Exbaketations Bakery

BALLSTON SPA – Despite the most frigid of temperatures on Friday, February 3, Ballston Spa’s 8th annual Chocolate Festival was a delicious success. I double-bundled up, as all the chocolate lovers did, and walked to as many local participating businesses, aka “sweet spots” on the festival map as my sweet tooth could muster.

Each establishment featured a decadent chocolate creation, hand crafted and portioned into bite sized samples that actually took several bites to finish. Let’s just say the sample sizes were generous because as I see it, you can never overdo it when it comes to chocolate!

Among all the cakes, bars, cupcakes, truffles, chocolate beer and even chili, my 2 favorites were the rum infused dark chocolate borracha cake with brown sugar & cinnamon by Cheyenne Simmons of Great Exbaketations Bakery (see above) as well as the vegan chocolate pudding cake with edible flowers & gold beads so beautifully presented by pastry chef, Jennifer Hernandez (below.)

Both so rich with flavor and texture, these ladies have an undeniable passion, creativity and taste for what makes a mouth water.

– Jill Perkins

Gallery: Ballston Spa Chocolate Fest

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