Forecast: Chili!

Cardona’s Market Takes Contentious 10th Annual Chili Bowl – Saturday, Feb 4

All photos: Jessica Troisi
The multi-talented Rich Ortiz is adept at throwing pots, in between throwing down tunes!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Under absolutely ideal chili-eating and judging weather (AKA Antarctica comes a’ calling) on Saturday, February 4, a massive crowd savored and enjoyed the offerings at The 10th Annual Chili Bowl. This fundraiser, presented by the Saratoga Clay Arts Center, with partial proceeds benefitting the To Life! Foundation, was moved to the Saratoga Springs City Center, which accommodated the anticipated increased participation that the popular event enjoyed.

The ‘winner’ of this year’s Bowl bragging rights (and ceramic trophy) was first-time starter Cardona’s Market, in a closely contested battle for chili supremacy. Yet the other participants (Osteria Danny, Hattie’s, Druthers, and Brook Tavern) all had substantial contingents of supporters.

As in previous years, guests selected a handmade bowl from the large inventory, and sampled the five chili offerings, while enjoying the music soundtrack from Rich Ortiz. The bowl went home with ticket buyers as a souvenir following the tasting. They also were given a token to vote for their favorite.

Photographer Jessica Troisi took all these photos, then put her camera away and enjoyed the proceedings herself with some friends. Interestingly, that group of four all had different favorites. That fact speaks volumes about the overall quality of the recipes, and the chefs chosen, to compete for a great cause. Before Jessica’s gallery, a little Honor Roll for all of them:

  • Chef Jonathan Quinn – Osteria Danny,
  • Chef Pat Brown – The Brook Tavern,
  • Chef Sam Squires – Druthers,
  • Chef Jasper Alexander – Hattie’s,
  • Chef Rob Cardona – Cardona’s Market. 

Well done, folks! Enjoy the gallery.

Gallery: 10th Annual Chili Bowl

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