Gallery: Oh, For Goodness Snake!

Reptiles and Amphibians Overtake City Center on Sunday

All photos: Jill Perkins

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Well, this was certainly different.

Sunday’s Saratoga Reptile Show at the Saratoga Springs City Center was rightfully billed as an ‘enthusiast’s expo,’ and from the standpoint of diversity – be it the wide variety of species or the wide variety of colors of said species – it certainly lived up to that billing.

The uniqueness of the offerings (yes, many of the items on display were for sale) was only outdone by the large attendance at this expo – it looked like the Beer Week Summit in there (without the beer…)

Correspondent (and animal enthusiast) Jill Perkins captured the scene in the gallery below. Her take:

“Ophidiophobia is an “extreme, overwhelming fear of snakes” which can be classified as an extreme anxiety disorder. I know many people with this fear and for some of them it’s so strong that they can’t even glimpse at a picture of a snake.

“But for me, the show must go on. The reptile show that is, Sunday at the City Center, and it was extremely educational. My daughter and I slithered through hundreds of snakes, lizards, spiders, tree frogs, turtles and many other unpronounceable reptiles and amphibians.

“Not necessarily an event for those with ophidiophobia or arachnophobia, yet, if you suspend disbelief, you would be fascinated with all the different species there are and the gorgeous colors and patterns they boast, as well as being glad that all these creatures were securely confined in their enclosures. For the brave, you could hold some of the various snakes, lizards and tarantulas to actually feel their scales, strength and weight along with being reminded just how truly incredible nature is.

Talking with several of the breeders, the one repetitive common denominator was that these reptiles are a form of therapy for them. They often noted and referred to some of the particular snakes and lizards as “their babies.” That I respect. For every lock, there is at least one key, and as an animal lover and advocate, I know that our devotion should know no boundaries of species.”

Indeed, and they eat those pesky insects and rodents – what could be better? Enjoy Jill’s gallery, which is bound to enhance your appreciation of the world’s living creatures.

Gallery: Saratoga Reptile show – Sunday1/22/2023

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