Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation Presents “The Streets Where You Live” with Charlie Kuenzel

Cover Photo: Broadway and Division Street, c. 1929, Saratoga Springs – Image courtesy of The George S. Bolster Collection

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Join the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation for “The Streets Where You Live” at 7 pm on Thursday, February 2, 2023. This virtual program will highlight the history behind the names of many streets in Saratoga Springs.

Street names help to tell the story of the development of our great city.  The unique street history of Saratoga Springs will be presented by Charlie Kuenzel and will include images, personal remembrances, house histories and the city’s most prominent historic landmarks. “As cities were planned and developed, the need to name new streets usually gravitated to the names of people, families or events in the history of that city.  Saratoga Springs has followed that pattern for over 200 years,” said Charlie Kuenzel.

“I’m thrilled that the Foundation is able to offer this program, as I have often wondered the why a street has the name that it does.  Many think Phila Street is a reference to Philadelphia, but it is not!  Come join us to learn more about that street and others throughout the city,” said Samantha Bosshart, Executive Director of the Foundation. 

Broadway and Church Street, c. 1929, Saratoga Springs – Image courtesy of The George S. Bolster Collection

Charlie Kuenzel is a native Saratogian who taught in the Saratoga City School District for 36 years and was co-owner of Saratoga Tours LLC for almost 20 years. Charlie is the current President of the Saratoga Springs History Museum and writes regular history articles for Simply Saratoga and Saratoga Today. As a speaker on many history topics, he has educated and entertained audiences for more than 30 years.

This virtual program will take place on Zoom for a suggested donation of $10 or more. For additional information or to register for the virtual program visit or call (518) 587-5030. Everyone who pre-registers for this program will be emailed a Zoom link in advance and will receive a link to the recording.

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