National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame Offering Five New and Unique Field-trip Tours for Students

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — The National Museum of Racing and Hall of
Fame is now offering five new and unique educational tours for students in a variety of
target age groups on site at the Museum. The new tours, developed by Museum Educator
Matt Reichel, are ideal for teachers looking to enhance lesson plans with hands-on
learning and meet several requirements for New York state educational standards. Each
of the five new tours is approximately 90 minutes and includes a special screening of the
Museum’s signature film, What It Takes: Journey to the Hall of Fame, as well as in-class
worksheets courtesy of the Museum.

The new tours cover various topics, including:

The Art of the Race
Target audience: Grades 6 through 12

About: Get up close and personal with the Museum’s extensive collection of
equine paintings, sculpture, and other objects, spanning more than three centuries.
Students will see how art developed from the early 18th century into today through
engaging activities and analysis.

A Ride Through Time
Target audience: Grades 6 through 12

About: Experience the vibrant history of horse racing in America throughout a
400-year journey from Colonial origins to contemporary racing. Students will also get the chance to go behind the scenes in our archives to see how museums preserve history
through artifacts.

Under the Roof
Target audience: Grades 6 through 12

About: Get the inside scoop on what makes a horse tick in this exclusive tour,
where students will learn all about equine science, anatomy, and genetics. Examine a real
horse skeleton and see how different genetics can produce different results.

Horsing Around
Target audience: Grades 1 through 5

About: Aimed toward younger students, this field trip includes several interactive
and creative stations throughout the Museum for kids to experience. Color your own
jockey silks, examine real horseshoes, and even try riding a horse in this fun-filled

Highlights Tour
Target audience: Grades 6 through 12

About: A little bit of everything! Our standard tour will show you all the
highlights we have to offer, from our historic trophies to our legendary artifacts. Students
will have the chance to explore Museum galleries and enjoy our interactive displays and

Discounted tour prices are $8 for students and free for teachers and adult
chaperones. To book a tour or learn more about New York state learning standards,
please contact Matt Reichel at (518) 584-0400 ext. 118 or .
The Museum understands that all schools are different, and we are happy to
accommodate specific learning needs.

For more information about the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, including
upcoming events, please visit or call (518) 584-0400.


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