For a Safer Downtown: Advisory Committee Formed in Saratoga Springs file photos

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Dillon Moran, the Commissioner of Accounts in the City of Saratoga Springs, today announced the formation of a new 14-member downtown advisory committee that includes leaders in both the public and private sector. The first order of business for this committee will be to coordinate a third-party audit of all protocols now in place within the City’s downtown, and to identify ways to enhance communications between the businesses and City’s police department.

The downtown advisory committee will be co-chaired by Commissioner Moran and Todd Shimkus, the president of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce. “I want to commend Commissioner Moran for leading the charge to bring our downtown businesses together along with City and public safety leaders,” said Shimkus. “This is a tremendous public-private partnership focused on enhancing security protocols, improving training opportunities, expanding communications, and most importantly to sustain these efforts for years to come.”

Besides the two co-chairs, the members of the downtown advisory committee also include:
Commissioner Minita Sanghvi, City of Saratoga Springs
Chief Shane Crooks, Saratoga Springs Police Department
Lt Tyler McIntosh, Saratoga Springs Police Department
Assistant Chief Aaron Dyer, Saratoga Springs Fire Department/Chief Code Enforcer
Deann Devitt, President of the Saratoga Springs Downtown Business Association
Darryl Leggieri, President, Discover Saratoga
Dean Kolligan, a member of the Downtown Special Assessment District
Jason Fitch, City Tavern
Dennis Kiingati, Hamlet and Ghost
Heidi West, Lifestyles, Caroline & Main, and Union Hall Supply
Brian Miller, Bourbon Room and Ice House
Sara Elacqua, Spa City Tap & Barrel

The committee will be supported by Deputy Commissioner of Accounts Stacy Connors, Assistant City Clerk Barbara Brindisi and City Attorney Tony Izzo. The first meeting of the committee has not yet been scheduled, but will take place early in 2023. “The committee will meet regularly so that we can identify
the challenges and opportunities we have before us and find real solutions that will help all of our businesses downtown to succeed, grow and thrive,” said Moran. He advised that the committee will also discuss City Code (Chapter 136) and NYS Liquor Authority procedures, and create a communications plan to ensure that the City Council and the community at-large receives regular updates on the committee’s work.

Besides a third-party audit, the committee’s other priority will be setting up a workshop for all on-premise license holders in the city with the city’s police department. The goal is for the police department to provide up-to-date training for local officers and security personnel at these establishments regarding best practices to: de-escalate situations; pat down or search patrons for weapons; removal of disorderly individual (s) from an establishment; and protocols to speed up the notification of police officers about such situations. “Moving forward, these actions and this type of collaboration must happen no matter what time bars are closed,” added Shimkus.

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