SSHS Fiddle Club to Join McKrells on Egg Stage 12/17

Fundraising Event For Club’s Upcoming Trip to Scotland

Working it out: Saratoga Springs High School Fiddle Club in rehearsal with members of The McKrells for a special Holiday Show Performance. Photos provided.

SARATOGA SPRINGS – I’m going to call this one a Double No-brainer.

Of course, my readers are quite savvy and intelligent, and so you don’t need me to tout you on the virtue of any performance by The McKrells – who have been the Region’s leading Celtic Band for more years than Kevin McKrell would probably like to remember. In particular, their Special Holiday Show has delighted thousands for decades.

No-brainer #1.

But the second part of this is what seals the deal – for you have the chance to help make an impact on young lives by attending said Holiday Show at The Egg on December 17, At that performance, The McKrells will be joined on stage by members of the Saratoga Springs High School Fiddle Club.

The Club will also be performing in The Egg lobby prior to the show, as they are raising funds for their upcoming trip to Scotland. Here is the LINK you want to get tickets.

According to McKrells band member Peter Pashoukos, these young performers are going to open some eyes and ears, making it No-brainer # 2: “We just had a killer rehearsal and I can promise that this will be a show to remember.” He said in a social media post. “We are beyond thrilled to have these amazing, young players join us!”

So, by attending the show on December 17, you are doing something good for yourself AND giving back to young performers going for a dream trip of a lifetime. Double No-Brainer, Ladies and Gents.

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