Bond For Glory!

Ambitious 007 Exhibit Elevates Saratoga Automobile Museum to Next Level

All Photos: Jill Perkins

{{Editor’s Note: Talk about your attention-grabbers!

This exhibit – “Bond in Motion” – provides a not-so-subtle reminder that while the first thing we may think of when we describe Saratoga Springs to others might be SPAC or the Saratoga Racecourse, this is a city of world-class museums. Indeed, if one were to calculate a statistic with the acronym ‘MPH’ – Museums Per Household – there can be no doubt that The 12866 would compare favorably to any market – of any size.

But it’s more than just numbers. It’s the quality of the offerings that put us over the top. Kudos to the Saratoga Automobile Museum for not only maintaining a high standard, but elevating it to the next level.

They are Bound Bond For Glory, and worthy of the international interest and acclaim for this exhibit that will certainly be coming their way.}} – AG

Correspondent Jill Perkins was on hand for Member/Media day last Thursday, November 17th, and her level of excitement to cover this was completely off the chain! She noted:

“Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Bond In Motion exhibit is a significant slice of movie magic! The gracious board of directors hosted a soft opening for museum members and media Thursday evening to show off this iconic fleet of 23 vehicles and other legendary motorized crafts, including Aston Martins, spanning from years 1964- 2015, that appeared in several unforgettable James Bond films such as Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The Spy Who Loved Me and The Living Daylights.

“It felt like taking a tour through the stunt props on a movie set. The museum was draped with beautiful lighting and backdrops of Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore and other notable Bond characters. Some vehicles were pristine while others were boasting bullet holes, shattered windshields, crushed doors and rooftop mounted machine guns and missiles. You could feel the intensity of these action scenes and could watch them play out on several different monitors pairing the car with it’s respective film.

“Curator Steve Struss, beamed with enthusiasm and relief while explaining to me how tedious the process was to secure this exhibit here from Los Angeles when it was slated for Europe. The entire Board Of Directors are eager and passionate about creating and engaging the educational and social opportunities this exhibit will offer to our community and beyond. I know I’m excited for whatever they’re planning.

Bond In Motion will grace their historic space for an entire year and it’s a must see!”

Enjoy the gallery.

Gallery: Bond in Motion

Photos: Jill Perkins

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