Gallery: Saratoga Chip and Beer Festival

All that and a (Hand)bag of Chips! Inspired by the Today Show’s showcase of Lay’s potato chip purses, Erin Kelleher Creations made their authentic Saratoga Chips version. All photos: Jill Perkins

BALLSTON SPA – The Saratoga County History Center hosted the Saratoga Chips and Beer Festival, sponsored by DeCrescente Distributing Company last Saturday, November 12, at Brookside Museum.

The Saratoga Chips and Beer Festival celebrated two things that go especially well together – potato chips and beer. The famous Saratoga Chips are the feature of the museum’s current exhibit, “In the Saratoga Style: Potato Chips and Their Regional Folklore.” Attendees were able to enjoy the original Saratoga Chips, the first chip kettle in America, paired with fine brewery offerings from Mechanicville’s DeCrescente Distributing Company.

Correspondent Jill Perkins was taken by the whole scene. “My first visit to the historic Brookside Museum was a memorable one this weekend, filled with an abundance of rich local lore that thoroughly satisfied the history enthusiast in me. The museum itself is a historic landmark that has served as a hotel, school and a private residence over the last 100 yrs.

“With its spacious rooms, original wood floors and hand hewn beams, it’s a beautiful setting for showcasing exhibits, including the famed local invention and folklore of the Potato Chip.” Jill noted. “Curated by none other than historian and collector, Alan Richer, (“The Toga Chip Guy”,) guests were treated to fascinating local history displays, while sampling DeCrescente Distributing’s finest beers and all the delicious flavors of Saratoga Chips (I’m big on the Thai Sweet Chili.) With warm and friendly welcomes from the Museum’s board members and volunteers, the ‘make your own s’mores’ by the campfire, along with the music of John Kirk & Trish Miller, this whole day was truly impressive.”

And a truly impressive gallery awaits – enjoy!

Gallery: Saratoga Chip and Beer Festival


2 Replies to “Gallery: Saratoga Chip and Beer Festival”

  1. What a wonderful representative Jill is of 12866…
    We all loved how engaging and curious her questions were.
    Very much appreciate you covering our event so thoughtfully..
    Patrice Bokan


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