Squad Up!

South Glens Falls Pop Warner Gives Us All Good Reasons to Cheer!

What Winners Look Like: Photos by Assorted SGF Mamarazzi! (See Gallery below)

SOUTH GLENS FALLS – {{Editor’s Note: The12866 hereby appoints Nikia Foster South Glens Falls correspondent for life! – AG}}

By Nikia Foster

South Glens Falls Pop Warner is ending the season strong – with a hitch kick, and a robust “There ain’t no doubt about it, spirit, they got some, let’s face it, their awesome!”

In case you didn’t know, the signs all over will tell you. The Mighty Mites squad ranked Number 1 across the board at the local dance and cheer competition held in Schenectady earlier this month. The girls coaches, and parents wanted to show support for their star competitors, and they’re showing blue, red and white Bulldog pride at their Nationals competition this weekend, in New Jersey.

Following the power squad, in a different division, the JPW division placed second in their ranks, and BOTH squads are on their way to Regionals this year! This is definitely something to yell into the megaphone about, as South Glens Falls recently started competing after 20 years of just being on the field in the end zone!

To have Mighty Mites place and win within the last two years, and JPW competing for the first time at locals, people and their competition are starting to see that South Glens Falls Pop Warner Cheer is bringing the heat and making it known that these girls, coaches, and association are die-hard dedicated to going all the way! 

The Mighty Mites’ Head Coach Pamela Locke and her Assistants Kristina Rumpf and Monica Hogan have led their squad to victory twice in a row, giving these young girls hope, and empowerment towards their future cheer career. The JPW Squad has even more reason to stand tall and do a liberty, like the lady herself, because this is the first JPW squad to EVER advance.

There’s a statement being made here – for the 10 girls on the JPW squad – led by Head Coach Grace Barco, Assistants Janene Curcurullo, and myself, are all first time cheerleaders! Woo Hoo! Can I get a hustle on 3?

Right now, the SGF Fire Department, South Glens Falls Pop Warner, and their family and friends are rallying. The firefighters are sending them off on their travels with Happy tears, no fear, and Blue Red and White Bulldog pride! C’mon down! The Mighty Mites are departing TODAY,10/29, at 11 am. If you miss that one, JPW departs next Friday, 11/4, also at 11am.

Gallery: Squad Up!

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