SAM’s Auto Auction 2022

Sixth Annual Sale Scores BIG at Casino

Saratoga Automobile Museum’s Executive Director Carly Connors (L) greets an excited audience. All photos: Jill Perkins

SARATOGA SPRINGS _ The sixth annual Saratoga Motorcar Auction took place over two days (Saturday, and Sunday, September 24 & 25) last weekend, and the results, as usual, were staggering. How big? Get a gander at this slide below, provided by the Saratoga Automobile Museum (SAM):

This was, however, the first time the Auction was held at the Saratoga Casino Hotel, where the spacious grounds near the Lodge afforded the opportunity for bigger tents, a VIP area sponsored by Saratoga Living Magazine, and other amenities that gave the setting an expansive, campus-like feel – luxury and vintage vehicles in queue, waiting to be auctioned, or those that were sold were housed in auxiliary tents – which kept the cars and their potential buyers dry – this became an important factor during Sunday’s stormy weather. No one missed a beat:

(It didn’t stay at $1,000 for long!)
All smiles! Thanks to the hard work by (L to R) CEO Abby Tegnelia and Director of Content Natalie Moore, the Saratoga Living Magazine VIP Lounge was a hit with attendees. No surprise to us, as Abby and Natalie make up part of the best leadership team SL Mag has had in…. EVER!

Below, we present two media recaps. The first is a gallery of more photos of the Sunday proceedings by Jill Perkins, followed by a short promo video (again, provided by SAM), with a nice Rock-n-Roll soundtrack that perfectly captures the vibe. So, Ladies and Gents, start your engines – and enjoy!

Gallery: Saratoga Motorcar Auction

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