Great Move, Girlfriends!

Wellspring Event’s Earlier Date, Indoor/Outdoor Shopping Village with Food Trucks are a Hit with Attendees

Wellspring’s Stevie Fellows (L) and Maggie Fronk (R) are all smiles – with good reason!

MALTA – Happiness is when a bold move turns out to be the right one!

Such was the case on Thursday. September 15 as a crisp, late-summer evening greeted those who attended Wellspring’s “Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends” annual fundraiser/shopping extravaganza. The date of the event was moved back a month+ on the calendar – but that was not the only change that was made.

The site itself moved from an indoor banquet hall to an indoor/outdoor shopping village that gave attendees an opportunity to experience Wellspring’s new and expanded facilities and grounds. The added shopping tents, food trucks and carts augmented the indoor shopping that showed off the increased client services spaces inside.

And, because the added outdoor elements took over much of the daytime parking lot, attendees were shuttled from their cars at the nearby Malta Drive-In by continuously running motor coaches from Royale Transportation. The resulting pedestrian plaza gave off a warm, inviting vibe similar to an upscale farmers market. You wanted to just roam around….

On the Cover: The Tap Truck was enjoyed by many for its variety and good cheer. Jill and I both chose #4 – Sam Adams’ Oktoberfest – when in Rome…

The food, beverage, boutique and shopping items were well-balanced and plentiful. It was a rare sight to see anyone with at least one shopping bag. All of this adds up to a big win for Wellspring: Girlfriends – you’re time is henceforth mid-September, sez me.

Enjoy the gallery.

Arthur Gonick – September 19, 2022

A Gallery of Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends. Photos: Jill Perkins

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