Cudney’s Celebrates 70!

A Saratoga Staple Honors Its Past and Embraces the Future

Here’s to the Next 70! The ribbon is cut at Cudney’s Flagship South Broadway location – September 16, 2022
Seriously – how many of you out there remember having 4-digit phone numbers!

Photo Credits:

Ribbon Cutting and Party Photos by Richie Snyder – Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce
Vintage Cudney’s Photographs – Provided by Joyce Ure – Owner/President, Cudney’s Launderers & Dry Cleaners, Inc.
1957: By the time tail fins, two-tones and fat whitewalls were coming into vogue; Saratoga was already used to “Coming clean” at Cudney’s

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In a town that reveres its institutions and history, a hometown, home-grown one celebrated a platinum 70th anniversary on Friday, September 16, 2022. On that afternoon, a gathering of dignitaries and well-wishers joined together with owners and staff to honor Cudney’s Launderers & Dry Cleaners, Inc. with the business equivalent of wedding vows renewed: a Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting, complete with Proclamations, festivities and, of course, cake for all!

It is near-impossible to overstate the magnitude of this milestone: A small, privately-held business adjusting, adapting, and thriving through an era characterized by technological revolutions and corporate consolidations. Nor can one overemphasize the level of community leadership and involvement that has been a hallmark of Cudney’s in Saratoga Springs throughout its history: A philosophy that descended from Founder Jim Cudney – remembered by those who had the privilege of knowing him as a solid Rotarian who gave to every worthy local cause that passed his way; through current Owner/President Joyce Ure. Indeed, it is unusual to attend any Not-for-profit fundraiser in this town and not see her and her husband Joe, in attendance.

Founder Jim Cudney
(L to R) Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner presents Cudney’s Launderers & Dry Cleaners, Inc . Owner/President Joyce Ure with a NY State Citation recognizing Cudney’s achievements – 9/16/2022

But the best news of the day (besides, perhaps, the cake!), on this day, is that this story is still a story in progress: Glance around today’s Cudney’s, and you see spanking new self-service kiosks alongside the people with that same long-standing commitment to service. THIS story is still being written!

So, a toast to Cudney’s and all their people, as they continue to drive towards that designation of rarefied air, enjoyed by the likes of Paul McCartney and Prince:


Enjoy the Gallery..

Arthur Gonick – September 17, 2022

One Reply to “Cudney’s Celebrates 70!”

  1. I’ve been searching for a cleaner I could trust implicitly ever since we left Saratoga Springs! Cudney’s has always been a
    great Example of what is wonderful about Saratoga’s owner operated business community! Here’s to the next 70!


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