Gallery: A Passion for Fashion

A Day at the 1863 Club – August 21, 2022 – Presented by Saratoga Trunk; Benefitting Living Resources and Building on Love

On the Cover: As you can imagine, there were 100’s of candidates for the cover photo. I went with Building on Love’s Honored Guest Destiny and her Mom for two reasons: 1) When Destiny heard that I really don’t eat dessert, she helpfully offered to eat mine; and 2) While all of the models, designers, etc. were worthy of a standing ovation on this day, only Destiny was certified by NYRA as “Awesome!” on their tote board, during a race in her honor – and I readily agree! -AG

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Simply put – what a day! I couldn’t shoot fast enough! And when it was all said and done, I had 360 photos to process, which, after removing some glary 1863 Club sunlight and eyes-closed ones, ended up being about 290. All of which I am pleased to present to you.

Before we get to the gallery, I would like to take a moment to discuss the photos you are about to see, reemphasize my mission statement and what I feel is this blog’s purpose.

Many of you have asked for photos from this and previous posts, and to me, it is extremely gratifying that you want them. My answer is an emphatic “Yes!” and will always continue to be.

You see, my website is set up for photo sharing. Every photo in every post (this is number 723, by the way) is available for you to “Right-click” and save. It is my belief that if you stop and smile for me, you deserve to have any photo you would like. I don’t watermark them; nor do I charge for them.

I only request (not insist, request) that if you repost them on social media, you credit this site as follows:

Photo by

My commitment extends to the not-for-profits that are benefitting from these events and galas. They NEVER get charged by me for “Official” photos. My take: if they are kind enough to invite me, it is my pleasure to offer them my work product as an in-kind donation. And you, who buy tickets and support these not-for-profits, deserve the same courtesy.

I recognize that this makes me different. I’m an Ivy-League proletarian, and I like it that way!


Normally, when presenting a gallery, I randomize the photos. But today, I’m going to take you on a linear journey – the prologue and rehearsal fun, which many don’t get to see, the fashion show itself, and the live auction aftermath.

Enjoy the gallery, and congratulations to everyone associated with this event.

Arthur Gonick – August 26, 2022

Gallery: A Day at The 1863 Club – A Passion for Fashion

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