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UPDATED: ‘An Unbridled Affair’ is An Unqualified Success… Again!

CAPTAIN CHS Executive Director Andy Gilpin. All photos: Jessica Troisi
Emcee (and CAPTAIN CHS Board Member) Dan Bazile (Spectrum 1 News)

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Routine success, I assure you, is anything but routine.

When you have an unbroken string of successful events, such as ‘An Unbridled Affair’ – an annual gala benefitting CAPTAIN CHS, the planning for the next ‘Affair’ begins not long after the totals of funds raised are compiled (Note: We are awaiting final figures from Thursday, July 21, 2022 and will update this post,) UPDATE: Preliminary reports indicate that the event has raised at least $160,000 – a new record!

For instance, live, online and silent auction items – a very distinctive feature of this event, with a catalog spanning multiple pages – must be re-secured, probably augmented and embellished; and oh, can we get some tie-in items that reference our 2023 honorees? Also, we need to decide who those honorees are; settle the date; secure the hall; decide on the menu; book the band…. I won’t belabor the point.

Except to say that for the Event Committee Chairs and Staff, there is often not much time at all for them to pat themselves on the back before saddling up for the next rodeo, as it were. So let me recognize the efforts of Honorary Chairs Frank and Eileene Armenia, Co-Chairs Denise Desmond and Ashlynn Savarese, and a slew of volunteers, whose efforts make it possible for you, the ticket-buying attendee, to just show up and have everything in place, looking as if this all just descended naturally; without any toil, not even breaking a sweat.

Great job, one and all! And now…. (wait for it…..)

Do it again.


The reasons why everyone works so hard to make things look effortless for you, are the services and good works that CAPTAIN CHS provides as a result of your patronage. From their website:

CAPTAIN Community Human Services supports and empowers people of all ages to reach their goals of personal growth and self-sufficiency. Formed as grassroots organizations, CAPTAIN CHS has developed into a highly recognized and highly respected volunteer-driven organization, serving the principal social, educational and prevention needs of people of all ages in Saratoga County and beyond. CAPTAIN CHS operates a runaway and homeless youth shelter, street outreach services, emergency food pantry, Care Links program for seniors, respite work, family assistance programs, and various youth leadership programs.  For more information, visit

Now, in large part, what I am saying here is certainly true for many of the Not-for-profits that provide services in Saratoga County. I choose to send out a reminder about where your money goes, and the good (necessary) works these organizations do, at this time, for two reasons. One is general; one specific to CAPTAIN CHS:

  • In General – If I don’t remind you (and myself) from time-to-time about how necessary the need for these N-F-P’s services are, and how those critical needs are constantly growing, I believe that the whole Social Scene here can become a superficial stream of “society” type columns that emphasize who’s wearing what, fancy hats, suits, party dresses, and heaven forbid – don’t forget the shoes! Certainly, that’s a big part of things, as the gallery which follows shortly shows. You all look terrific, but you look even better because of the assistance to others you helping to provide.
  • Specifically – I shall always retain a warm spot in my heart for CAPTAIN CHS, because they exhibited the boldness to be the first to break out of the ‘virtual’ gala swamp we were forced into during the pandemic. At the time (see our POST from July, 2020) this was a pioneering move, with a smaller, socially-distanced crowd than an event like this would naturally get. But it led to this day’s 2022 full-capacity ‘Unbridled Affair, gave fortitude to other events, and helped us to reclaim our social calendar and the funding for all the good works that come behind them.

Having said all that, you may now enjoy the beautiful gallery from the lens of Jessica Troisi.

Oh, and may I say – nice outfit!

Arthur Gonick – July 30, 2022

Gallery: ‘An Unbridled Affair – July 22, 2022

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