This Neighborhood Loves Its Gumbo… and Their Kendrick!

Master Chef/Jockey Kendrick Carmouche greets his adoring public.
Gumbo for Everyone!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – An age-old question -contemplated for eons. Which is more desirable?

A) A person that knows how to cook a steak? OR

B) A person that knows how to win a stake?

Well, that question came no closer to a definitive answer on Monday, July 25th, as The Principessa Elena Society hosted the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation for another edition of “Gumbo for the Horses.” This event featured beloved Jockey Kendrick Carmouche donning his Chef’s hat and whipping up a big batch of his special Gumbo recipe to help raise funds for the betterment of TRF’s many racehorse aftercare programs.

It was clear that the attendees were happy they didn’t have to choose, but instead were treated to a great combo plate. I’ll have what they’re having! Enjoy the gallery.

Arthur Gonick – July 29, 2022

Gallery: Gumbo for the Horses

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