Croquet on the Green: It Still is a Thing, Even If You Don’t Swing!

AIM’s Summer Soiree’ Has So Much Good Stuff Happening, You Won’t Miss Your Mallet!

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WILTON – Good morning, class. Today’s lesson will contain the following:

  • An Expression,
  • An Exception, and
  • A Confession.

We shall use as exemplar the upcoming (next Tuesday afternoon, August 2nd @3 pm, in Gavin Park) annual summer signature benefit for AIM Services, Inc. known as Croquet on the Green. As some have noted, all spots in the Croquet tournament have been filled, leading some to wonder on social media as to why they should still buy a ticket and go. For them, the operative expression might be: “I snooze, I lose.” – thinking that this is similar to a golf tournament, where, if you aren’t in a foursome – you’re really nowhere.

Aaaah, but what this attempt at analogy fails to account for is the exception(s), which basically includes all the elements (detailed below) that you attend many other Saratoga benefits and galas for – most notably a very worthy cause. Seen in this light, perhaps ‘snoozing’ is not the worst thing in the world, as long as you don’t overdo it and miss next Tuesday….

Which leads to our confession:

It has been my pleasure to attend every iteration of Croquet on the Green since they began. I’ve had a great time at every one – for it provides a large dose of whimsy, visual stimulation, and that worthy cause again, all on a weekday afternoon that feels like a mini-vacation. Certainly, there is no event like this one – not in a Saratoga summer, or anywhere. But here’s the thing:

I’ve never played Croquet. And I’ve always had a blast!

Nope. Never even swung a mallet – in fact, I had to look up the proper spelling of mallet (lest I be dissed by Gary Dake!) – for me, the players do make for nice scenery, but I have other interests as well…,

And this benefit fulfills all of them. which is why I advocate that you buy a reserved seat or general admission ticket today. Here a handy LINK to do so, and a short list of the major things you get for it:

  • Incredibly Delicious Food.

The aptly named Deliciously Different food truck makes another appearance on August 2nd. I have no idea where AIM found this crew, but I only see them at this event.

Everything they bring is so seasonally fresh, and has such eye appeal that I rarely get to snap a picture before the tray is emptied! But they have a wide array of choices, all living up to their name….

  • Beverages Galore! Presenting sponsor Saratoga Eagle will take time out from planning the pending arrival of the iconic Clydesdale’s later in August to hoist a few, and they always bring plenty of suds and seltzers to thoroughly hydrate you and your friends. Meanwhile, the wine guys at Specialty Wines & More! will have their usual choice selections, and refreshing cocktails from the finest vintages and spirits.
  • Enhanced Amusements and Yard Games from Tailgate & Party – In previous years, there were only a couple of corn hole setups here and there, so kudos to AIM for bringing in the leisure-time experts. I expect a massive upgrade in this area. So, you might have snoozed on Croquet, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play around. Plus, chances are good that you’ll be closer to the food and beverages,,,
  • Great Music – Just take a glance at Jeff Brisbin’s overflowing gig calendar, and that will tell you all you need to know. Prolific and excellent, a “songwriter’s songwriter.”
  • A Great Beneficiary – Finally, and certainly most importantly, is the organization to which all this merry effort is being extended. From their mission statement: AIM Services, Inc. is dedicated to supporting the “power of potential” in people of diverse abilities. Through community based services, advocacy, and education, dedicated professionals focus on supporting people in achieving their personal goals, while promoting a sense of self-confidence and independence.

This year’s proceeds from Croquet on the Green are earmarked for Summer Respite and Recreation programming – you can read more about those programs HERE.

IMHO, this quote from Michael Billok, who is the Event Honorary Co-Chair with his wife Tricia, puts a nice bow on things: “Tricia and I are honored to be a part of this year’s Croquet on the Green, and we are excited for next week.  AIM does such amazing work caring and advocating for those who need it the most, and it is terrific to see them get such an outpouring of support from the Saratoga community.”

I’m looking forward to seeing them, and you there on the Green – with or without Croquet! Get your tickets HERE. Class dismissed.

Arthur Gonick – July 25, 2022

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