The Accent is on FREE Great Music in Lake George

Friday At The Lake Welcomes “The Accents” and “Dirt Cheap”

The Accents

Next Friday, July 29, The Accents will perform from 7:30-9:30 at Shepard Park in Lake George.

A high energy dance/party band, The Accents have entertained audiences across the Northeast and locally for many years.  They feature three vocalists that bring high-octane to the stage,

The band also features a dynamic rhythm section and powerhouse horns.  They cover your Motown, dance, pop and classic rock favorites.  They have had the honor of being inducted into the Capital Region Thomas Edison Music Hall of Fame.  In other words, when you hear them, you’ll have a hard time staying still!

Opening the show from 6-7:10 pm is Dirt Cheap.  For more than twenty years, Dirt Cheap has been one of the most popular bands in the Saratoga-Glens Falls-Lake George region because they deliver a tasty mix of classic and newer rock music, interpreted artfully and accurately, yet with energy and abandon.  Add to this musical recipe rich harmonies and multiple lead singers, it is no surprise that Dirt cheap has thrived for so long.

Speaking of cheap, there’s nothing cheaper than FREE, and Fridays at the Lake are always FREE to the public! There are food and beverages vendors on site.  There is no better way to begin a Lake George weekend!

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