Get Ready to Go In The Round at UPH!

The Big Takeover and Woody & the Rebel Alliance Kick off this Progressive Series on Saturday Evening

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The dance floor will definitely be open at Universal Preservation Hall (UPH – 25 Washington Street) on Saturday, July 30, at 7:30 pm. This series literally puts the musicians ‘front and center’ for every attendee. When combined with UPH’s incredible Great Hall acoustics, these showcases will provide a variety of singer/songwriting up-and-coming artists from a wide variety of genres, an excellent platform to display their talents.

The Big Takeover

Fronted by the charismatic Jamaican-born singer and songwriter Nee Nee Rushie, the seven-piece New York band The Big Takeover plays original music that is rooted in and reverent toward the genres and rhythms of Jamaican pop: reggae, rocksteady and ska. They are devotees of Desmond Dekker and the way the old school did it.  At the same time, The Big Takeover crosses lines and blends traditions like global pop fusionists. Their deceptively complex arrangements and big hooks connect with the spirit of Motown and the uptown sophistication of the 21st century retro soul and R&B revival scene. Visit


Woody & The Rebel Alliance

With deep influences in reggae and improvisational jam rock, it is safe to say that The Rebel Alliance helps carry the revolution to the stage and, ultimately, to the fans. As a band sheathed in unending positivity, they’re armed with an ardor that is able to form a permanent wrinkle in the status quo. Visit

Tickets for the General Admission Show are $20, and can be purchased HERE

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