Friday At The Lake Welcomes Carmen And Life’s Guilty Pleasures On July 22

Carmen Lookshire

“CARMEN AND LIFE’S GUILTY PLEASURES” will headline Friday at the Lake at Shepard Park in

Lake George on Friday, July 22 from 7:30-9:30.  Carmen is making a name for herself throughout the region for her stunning vocals and unforgettable stage presence.  She has been lead singer with Grand Central Station, the Silver Arrow Band and Band of Gold.  Their mix of dance hits from the 50s to today will energize the crowd, and a few musical surprises will be part of the mix as well.

“THE ULTIMATES” will open the show, performing from 6:00-7:10.  While they are a fairly new band from Saratoga, they consist of musicians well known in the region (two from Bad Chaperones and one from Dealt the Blues).  Singer/guitarist Travis Rockenstire leads the band, singing amazing covers from John Cougar to Ed Sheeran, Springsteen to Harry Styles.

All Fridays at the Lake are FREE to the public, and food and beverage vendors are on site.

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