Working it Out…

When You See the NYCB at SPAC this Weekend, the Talent will be Evident – But it takes A LOT of Hard Effort to Make the Magic Happen!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Practice, practice, practice….

…. and practice some more.

On Monday, July 11, we were extended a very rare and special opportunity to witness the New York City Ballet (NYCB) behind the scenes on the SPAC stage, as they went through one of their final (non-dress) rehearsals, in advance of their residency, which began the next night (Tuesday, July 12) and continues through Saturday the 16th.

Any rehearsal is a major effort of precision and coordination; but this one was an especially intensive one, given the fact that one program being offered- A Midsummer Night’s Dream – involved the assimilation of many local young student dancers into the adult company.

Trust me – the kids weren’t cut any slack.

Trust me #2: They’ll be ready. Their hard work and everyone’s attention to detail assures it will be so. Thanks to NYCB and SPAC for giving us a glimpse into how the magic happens.


Photos: Francesco D’Amico – Provided by SPAC

… on that same evening, inside and on the terrace in SPAC’s new Pines Building, my friend Francesco had the delicious assignment of photographing “A Choreographers’ Feast,” in which attendees were treated to “an exquisite multi-course dining experience, hosted by Joe Donohue, with culinary creations inspired by choreographers whose works were to be performed this week as part of New York City Ballet’s residency at SPAC.” This dinner was conceived by Meryl Rosofsky In association with CULINARYARTS @ SPAC.

Here’s a mini-gallery to whet your appetite. The next Culinary Arts event will be held at the Canfield Casino on July 25th – Celebrate and support the Philadelphia Orchestra’s residency with “A Symphonic Supper” – Details, Menu and ticketing HERE.

All in all, quite a bit of action for a quiet Monday!

Arthur Gonick – July 15, 2022

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