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Baller Dream Foundation Fun Continues This Afternoon

On the Cover: Amelia Manetta (age 6) and her Dad excitedly show off the plans for her multi-story dream playhouse – a gift to be constructed courtesy of The Baller Dream Foundation. You can support this cause later today by attending Ballsfest (see below).



So the legit first thing I thought of upon arrival at our host’s (Augie Vitiello) residence was “I’ve got to get out of this photojournalism thing, and into something lucrative – like…. Italian food!

Such are the things that that dreams are made of. And evenings such as these allow dreams to be realized….

New “Baller” Haibo Ma (L) shares one of many laughs with Baller Dream Foundation Founder Frank DiBlasi.

… and on this evening, Thursday, July 7, for the second year, Augie, along with Event Chair Alessandra Bange-Hall, newly minted NY Executive Director Trina Lucas, and Founder Frank DiBlasi joined with a festive gathering of summer color-clad attendees in saluting the Gamest of the Game – young cancer survivors who exhibited extraordinary courage in their battle against an unthinkable scourge, at “A Midsummer Night Party.”

On this celebratory evening, humanity was front-and-center, as we learned that Amelia Manetta’s (age 6) go-to snacks are gummies and beef jerky, but not so much as to spoil her appetite for Mom’s Chicken Alfredo. We learned about Haibo Ma’s (21) courage and determination in migrating to the USA alone at the age of 15, in addition to the courage and determination he showed in his battle with cancer.

What we learned most of all is how easy it is to be a victim. It can happen to anyone.

Often, it’s in the blink of an eye, and WHAM – your life has changed.

But, it is what you do in response, that makes all the difference. Every time.

Enjoy the gallery, and learn all about the stuff of (Baller) Dreams HERE.

Arthur Gonick – July 9, 2022

Editor’s Note: My good friend and colleague Natalie Moore attended this event too, for Saratoga Living After Hours. Make sure to give her “Vibe Check” a look – AG

Gallery: It’s the Stuff of Dreams

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