Gallery: Firecracker4

All Photos: Jill Perkins
Note: Visit this link for official results

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The Firecracker4 Run was nothing short of exhilarating.. even as a spectator. The streets were lined with people cheering for their friends, family members, co-workers, kids, even runners they didn’t know.

This is the race for all ages and levels because yes, it’s sometimes about winning but moreso about community, personal goals and overall participation for a cause. I saw well trained novices along with runners pushing strollers and wheelchairs. I saw families running together and then solo runners encouraging eachother as they pushed through the last stretch towards the finish line where it was nothing short of a celebration with upbeat music and food & drink stations.

The announcers were so energetic and genuinely excited for each and every runner crossing that line.. over 2000 of them! And in my opinion, they all were winners today. – Jill Perkins

Gallery: Firecracker4

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