65 Coming Alive!

Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation “Phinally” Announces Work Beginning at 65 Phila Street

65 Phila Street

Saratoga Springs, NY: In May 2021, the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation purchased the 1851 Alexander A. Patterson House at 65 Phila Street, which is important because of its associations with early development of the city, spring waters, and the Jewish community.  The Foundation is excited to announce that on Thursday, June 16, 2022 ERSI, based out of Syracuse, has begun the interior demolition, including removal of all plaster and lathe, and will begin environmental abatement in the coming weeks. Prior to demolition, Bonacio Construction carefully removed all of the historic window sashes that will be stored until they can be restored. 


“ERSI is thankful for our involvement with the Saratoga Springs Preservation Foundation’s transformation of 65 Phila Street. One of the last blighted homes on the street, this rehabilitation marks progress towards a more sustainable neighborhood,” said Chad Parks, Vice President of ERSI.


The Foundation’s Revive 65 Committee has evaluated the existing conditions of the building, including an environmental assessment and window survey, as well as completed architectural drawings, existing and proposed. In March, the City of Saratoga Springs Design Review Commission approved the Foundation’s historic review application.  The building permit to perform initial work was approved at the end of April.  In addition to the abatement, the Foundation will make structural repairs and complete an exterior restoration prior to selling it to someone who will complete the interior rehabilitation and be a good steward for years to come.


“We are thrilled to phinally start this first step in this rehabilitation of 65 Phila Street. Thank you to all of our friends who have contributed thus far,” said Executive Director Samantha Bosshart.


Support the Foundation’s efforts to Revive 65 by making a donation or becoming a member. In addition to preserving this important historic resource of the community, the Foundation is documenting the process and the project be the source of multiple educational programs. Visit www.saratogapreservation.org or call (518) 587-5030 for more information or to join, follow the Foundation on social media, and join their email list to get regular progress updates.

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