Gallery – Cars on Union. Make Room for VRROOOM!

All Photos: Jill Perkins

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In this year of “re-opening,” there is something to be said for the comfort involved in the return of an event or gala that that captures the spirit and flavor of what had been a beloved memory. For instance, The Saratoga Automobile Museum (SAM) will be doing exactly that this coming Saturday evening, June 25, when they host the 20th renewal of their Annual Gala (details HERE.)

However, it must be stated that the effort and planning to put something NEW together; on a date and space where there was nothing before, is something to salute with vigor! Such was the case with “Cars on Union” – which took place on Saturday, June 18, an impressive display of vintage wheels that lined Union Avenue (which was closed to traffic) from Nelson to East. The resulting pedestrian mall made for a dazzling display…

It’s the stuff of “future folklore”: A similar event, called “Cars on Fifth,” was observed by SAM’s Executive Director Carly Conners when she was down in Naples, FL for a Southern version of the same Auto Auction we can all enjoy again in Saratoga this fall. “We should do this up here,” was the thought expressed at the time.

However, the road from ‘We should’ to ‘We did it!’ can be fraught with twists, turns, nuances and all kinds of obstacles. And yet, the biggest compliment that can be given to SAM on this afternoon is that everything played out as if this event had always been here!

Correspondent Jill Perkins was similarly impressed. Her thoughts: “Overflowing with classics, exotics and vintage cars, Union Avenue was the place to be Saturday morning. With the music of Elvis, Sinatra and many current top hits streaming from Raven Events, it felt like there was a car perfectly paired for each era of music.

“I loved seeing so many enthusiasts, families and local businesses out to support our Saratoga Automobile Museum. So many impeccable vehicles which hadn’t made an appearance at previous car shows, made this lineup super impressive!”

Indeed, the gallery which follows reflects the word luxury off polished chrome. Make room for VRROOOM, and enjoy!

Gallery: Cars on Union

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