Gallery: Beekman Street Art Fair

The West Side Shows Its Best Side!

Little known fact: Beekman Street’s Art Fair is mega-popular with fans of “The Paws!” All photos by Jill Perkins

SARATOGA SPRINGS – OK, let us not mince words:

Many, many Upstate and Rustbelt cities would absolutely Kill to have a Main St. or downtown like this!

Especially on this day – Sunday, June 12, as the Beekman Street Art District strutted its stuff in full regalia. With music, food vendors, and of course, art in every medium. Guests enjoyed exhibits containing decorative and wearable fiber; ceramics; jewelry; paintings; photography; and mixed media. In the shops, and under tents along the street.

Correspondent Jill Perkins opined: “So many friendly faces, vendors and entertainment coming together to showcase and celebrate the rich diversity in our artistic community. The Beekman Street Art District is thriving!”

Indeed, and her photos show a West Side ‘Nabe in full flower. Enjoy the Gallery

Gallery: The West Side Shows Its Best Side

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