Shelters of Saratoga’s Annual Benefit Returns; Raises $76K!

Featured Guest Speaker John Rolerad
SOS Executive Director Duane J. Vaughn; Development Director Rosemary R. Royce

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Days like these, in this year of our Great Reopening, are just a blessing to be a part of…

The gallery photos by Jill Perkins…
… and Arthur Gonick

…but especially on THIS day – Tuesday, June 7 – a day when people gathered for a celebration of progress, some victories, and a renewal of their collective determination at Prime at Saratoga National, at Shelters of Saratoga’s (SOS) annual gala (“One Fine Day”.)

A strong case could be made that no segment of our society has suffered more, due to the ravages of our years of pandemic darkness, than our homeless population. In our lifetime, the last few years have made dramatically clear how important it was to have a refuge.

And through this time of bleakness, with no end in sight, SOS was there – doing all it could, while certainly unable to do all it wanted to do. Which made this Fine Day even finer – a day in which we all could celebrate the success of a John Rolerad, a resident of SOS’ supportive housing program. John overcame homelessness, and now spends his time preparing meals for current residents of SOS’s emergency shelter. A day to hear the articulated vision and updated goals of Executive Director Duane J. Vaughn and Board Member Lisa Mitzen.

A day in which we were all mindful that we have much to do to eliminate homelessness, but a day in which hopelessness was dealt a severe blow. Enjoy our gallery of this Fine Day.

Arthur Gonick – June 12, 2022

Gallery: One EXTREMELY Fine Day!

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