Gallery: Believe the Hype

Jake’s Help from Heaven’s Family Fun Day Returns with a Six-figure BANG!

Photos by Jill Perkins…
…Jessica Troisi…
… and Arthur Gonick

SARATOGA SPRINGS – A great day – made even greater, because one could finally put fears to rest that we might never see a day like this again.

A great day – made even greater, because every aspect of the goodness and fun that this event contained within our collective memory banks, could once again be enjoyed. With a few 2022 enrichments that served to emphatically say: “We are back. And we’re better than ever!”

A great day. A day of open hearts, literally miles of smiles, and astounding, jaw-dropping support for a great cause:

We are still in awe from yesterday’s Family Fun Day. It was so nice to be back in person and celebrate our work with family, friends, donors and our families. I’m so grateful for our amazing committee that pulled off an amazing event, our volunteers that showed up and worked the entire event, Saratoga Strike Zone and staff, and everyone involved. We are feeling so blessed to announce we raised $160,093 – ALL of which goes to support those with medically complex lives within 100 miles of Saratoga Springs!” 💕💕💕 – Jake’s Help From Heaven’s Facebook page (5/16/2022)

Yes, a great day. Sunday, May 15 – Jake’s Help from Heaven‘s Family Fun Day. A day of pizza, bowling, games, raffles, wine pulls, kids being kids, adults being kids and good will galore! So great, that one who has not experienced it might be forgiven for having a little bit of skepticism about all these platitudes…

But you can Believe the Hype. Ask anyone who attended – the magic is real. Kudos to anyone who was involved with this in any way….

Arthur Gonick – May 21, 2022

{{{Editor’s Note: A great day like this deserves a great big gallery, which appears below. In that connection, I’d like to thank photographers Jessica Troisi and Jill Perkins for contributing their efforts and talents for what follows. Enjoy!}}} – AG

Gallery: Jake’s Help from Heaven’s Family Fun Day – Sunday, May 15, 2022

******************** and Jake‘s Help From Heaven are grateful to the firm of Bond, Schoeneck & King for their assistance in providing this content.

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