A 24 Karat Evening!

The Wesley Foundation’s Golden Gala – Saturday, May 14, 2022

12866.com Photos by Jill Perkins…
… and Arthur Gonick

SARATOGA SPRINGS – On this night, the Keyword that kept dominating my thoughts, as I roamed around the grounds of the Lodge, was continuity.

Of course, continuity of care has always been a core value of the Wesley Community – and tonight was a night where people from Honorary Chairs Aimee and Gary Dake, to many, many of the attendees, shared personal connections to the campus bordered by Clinton and Clement Streets.

A Mother, an Uncle, a long-time friend, or even they themselves… indeed, it is impossible to estimate the number of lives that have been touched; the number of families that were comforted; or the number of golden ages that were enriched, during Wesley’s half-century of service to this community.

This “Golden Gala” Celebration represented an additional, yet complimentary type of continuity: Continuity of concept. Prior to the dark ages of pandemic, this event always came with the imprimatur of top shelf: Always a signature standout event on Saratoga Springs’ robust gala calendar.

It was thrilling to emerge from ‘germ warfare’ to find that this vision had been revived. Every nuance, nook and cranny looked as if it came from a triumph of excellent planning, and execution of said plan: Superior venue, superior theme with accent points and décor (I mean, photo-ops with life-size Oscar statues!) food, beverages, and a superior soundtrack provided by Jukebox Rebellion – all wrapped up in a sea of gold that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Add it all up, and it represents the best kind of continuity: Continuity of commitment. And the best news is that, in the Wesley Community’s Golden 50th year, this commitment will extend with a special series of events, culminating in a September 20th public celebration, on the half-century anniversary date that Wesley Community opened its doors to the Saratoga Community. This is going to be so big that they will probably need a Saratoga Springs City Center to hold everyone…. so, they reserved the entire thing! (Remember what I just said about excellent planning?) Visit this PAGE often for updates on what will, no doubt, be their excellent execution.

And, enjoy the gallery from myself and Jill Perkins.

Gallery: The Wesley Foundation Golden Gala


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