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Pollinator Palooza Lands in Wilton on Sunday, June 5! Join your neighborhood Bees & Butterflies as They Sample Delectable New York State Native Plants & Flowers! Serve Our Wonderful Bees & Butterflies the Best Quality Native Nectar & Pollen Right in Your Garden!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – The local non-profit Sustainable Saratoga is hosting Pollinator Palooza, a native plant sale and pollinator education event, on Sunday, June 5 from 10-3. “Many of us are concerned about native insect declines around the world and so last year, Sustainable Saratoga formed a committee focused on pollinator protection,” explained Dianna Goodwin, Sustainable Saratoga board co-chair and chair of the Pollinator Committee. “Growing native plants is a great way to help pollinators, but we found that it was difficult to find native plants locally.” This led to Pollinator Palooza, a native plant sale that will also provide lots of educational materials about native plants, pollinators and how every garden can help.

Pollinators, like bees and butterflies, play an essential role in the reproduction of over 85% of the world’s flowering plants, including many of the foods we eat every day. Pollinators are on the decline around the world due to habitat loss, pesticide use, climate change, and disease. Sustainable gardening practices help bees and butterflies thrive by protecting and expanding their habitats and food sources.

Local pollinator projects have an important role to play in reversing pollinator declines. One key way to protect pollinators is to grow native plants that provide food and habitat for insects throughout their life cycle. This is where the Pollinator Palooza comes in – the plant sale will also feature information about sustainable gardening, the importance of native species for protecting native pollinators, and general plant and pollinator educational resources.

Sustainable Saratoga is growing plants for the sale with the help of Brian Oligny at his greenhouse in Gansevoort. “We are incredibly grateful to Brian for his generosity in extending his greenhouse space to grow and sell these native plants,” said Christine Burghart, one of the lead organizers of the Palooza. “We are also thankful for the many local businesses that have donated a wide selection of raffle items.”

See for additional information about the event and the over 25 plant species they will be selling. Pollinators will thank you for it!

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