On Derby Day – Go with the “Smart” Money

VERY Limited Tickets Remain for Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar’s Kentucky Derby Party at The Lodge

SARATOGA SPRINGS — So, Saratoga’s Best and Brightest got together, and they all agree:

On Kentucky Derby Day – this is where you want to be….

12866.com file photos: Scenes from the 2018 and 2019 Derby Day Parties benefitting Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar at The Lodge

The Derby Day party at The Historic Lodge on the grounds of Saratoga Casino Hotel. Saturday afternoon, May 7th. The merits of this event, as well as the beneficiary – Saratoga Sponsor-A- Scholar – are long and large, and will be delved into below. But your immediate mission is not to delay – online ticket sales are over, and precious few spaces remain.

In other words, as Mark Cuban is fond of saying, time is the most precious commodity, and yours, dear reader, is running out. This event will be a sell-out – it is only a matter of when. But maybe you can beat the deadline. There is but one glimmer of hope…

What I want you to do IMMEDIATELY – is stop reading this for the moment. Instead, call this number, which we have obtained permission to use. A number that puts you in touch with the only person at Sponsor-A-Scholar who can sell you a ticket at this point:


Now of course, telling loyal readers to stop reading might be unprecedented in media history, But I feel so strongly that people should experience this event, for it has all the elements. Ask anyone who has attended one of these….

But wait – don’t stop to ask them now! You have a phone call to make!

You have hereby been alerted. Stop playing with Tik Tok, because Tick-Tock people…


Now, having done my good deed for the day, let me acquaint you with why you (hopefully) made the smart move, and secured one of those scare remaining admits.

To begin with – the setting is unique. The historic Lodge will be open, so that means you can watch the Kentucky Derby in a place where Diamond Jim and Lillian did. Furthermore, it’s the only party in town where you can call out your bet to a live teller, give said live teller cash money, and receive an actual mutual ticket made of paper! Just like Diamond Jim and Lillian did.

Diamond Jim’s descendants?

OR, if you prefer to have your food and beverages (included with your admit, by the way) in a more conventional modern gala atmosphere, it’s a short sachet across the lawn to a massive tent, accompanied by several jumbo size TV’s. If you miss the big race here, it’s because you made a conscious effort to do so

But the real deal attraction is where all this “smart money” goes:

This statement, which I wrote back in 2017 when I first became acquainted with Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar, sums it up for me:

“Saratoga Sponsor-a-Scholar levels the economic playing field, allowing horizons to be broadened, and future leaders to emerge – regardless of financial circumstances.”

And the numbers don’t lie. 120 graduates of the program – all local – since 2009. All, repeat ALL of these graduates received acceptances (many to multiple) to leading colleges and universities. Most of these students are the first members of their family to attend college!

While the program’s scholars receive many benefits, one thing they don’t receive is a free ride: They not only work hard; they report to extra tutoring as well as mentoring sessions with community leaders. And, they are expected to perform a good deal of public service and exhibit good citizenship throughout.

Keep an eye out: you’ll see Scholars volunteering at other galas you attend this summer. You’ll see them giving back to the community in many ways – including at this Derby Party on May 7th.

Simply put, every time I come in contact with anything to do with Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar, I come away feeling better about the future of the human race! Your ticket is an investment in their future, and yours.

Arthur Gonick – April 29, 2022

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