AIM Carnival: The Birth of the (New) Cool

Debut Event Raises $83,530 for AIM Services

SARATOGA SPRINGS – How can something so smokin’ hot be so cool at the same time? See below…

A triumph of good planning, good will, and of course – good fun coalesced on Saturday, April 2, at Vapor Night Club on the grounds of Saratoga Casino Hotel. AIM Services, Inc. launched Carnival – a dramatic debut to add to what promises to be a robust 2022 Saratoga gala schedule.

This was by no means a “one-off”: In announcing the incredible total of $83, 539 raised at this event, AIM Services also imparted that they had reserved Vapor for a Second Annual, on April 1, 2023!

The success of an event, especially a new one, often comes down to successfully navigating broad concepts like proper timing and a well-thought out theme. In the case of Carnival, the organizers also showed extremely keen judgment in identifying their guests’ collective needs – and then fulfilling them.

IMHO AIM was superior, on this night, in satisfying these collective desires among the attendees:

  • The desire to support a great cause,
  • The desire to give an emphatic middle-finger to all things COVID, and
  • The desire to party like we used to all the time!

That’s how something so smokin’ hot can be so cool all at once! This event was a complete sell-out, with capacity listed at 300 for this event, making the final total raised even more remarkable. While next year that limit might be increased somewhat, you are well-advised that when the bell rings to reserve for the 2023 Carnival – you leap all over it.

In the meantime, enjoy the Gallery which follows. A big thank you to Maryika Stubbs for her assistance with some of the photos.

Arthur Gonick – April 8. 2022

Gallery: Caliente` Carnival!

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