Hattie’s Helping Hands Expands

Dine and Drink – Help a Local Not-for-profit Every Week!

SARATOGA SPRINGS – For most people, the last thing they need is another reason to enjoy the cuisine from Hattie’s Restaurant. However, we have another, and it’s a biggie.

Every Thursday is Hattie’s Helping Hands night, in which 100% (e.g.: every penny) of the proceeds will be donated to a local not-for-profit organization from both Hattie’s Chicken Shack in Wilton and Hattie’s @ 45 Phila St.

The operating hours for each location are: Downtown (45 Phila): 5pm-9pm; Wilton 11am-8pm.

Yes, the Hattio Bar counts too!

Here’s what is included: Everything! Meaning – Dine-in, Take out, delivery. It all counts. Your biggest challenge is deciding what to order!

Here’s the upcoming schedule of beneficiaries:

Apr 7: Saratoga Rowing Association

Apr 14: Caffe Lena

Apr 21: Rebuilding Together Saratoga County

Apr 28: Comfort Food Community/Washington County Food Pantry

May 5: Wellspring/Stephanie Land Maid Event

May 12: Jake’s Help From Heaven

May 19: Northeast Ballet Company

Every piece counts! And they add up…

Lest you think: “Sure, I’ll have a drumstick and some hush puppies, but it won’t mean much…” get a gander at some eye-popping totals raised in the last couple of weeks:

March 24: AIM Services INC-raised $4200
March 31: Saratoga Bridges-raised $5100

A delicious way to better our community, no doubt. We’ll update this schedule as often as we can. Dig in!

All the deets about Hattie’s 24/7: http://www.hattiesrestaurant.com/

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