Gallery: Laughing Winter Away at Clancy’s

SARATOGA SPRINGS – Folks, Let me define the pecking order here: There are luaus, and then there is…

Now this is by no means spam – although they may have served SPAM – at the sumptuous buffet which complimented the (no doubt) free-flowing Corona’s and other DeCrescente beverages, on the afternoon of Saturday, March 5 – as a contingent of patrons who just flat out wanted winter GONE gathered just a few time zones east of Waikiki – at Clancy’s Tavern’s (43 Caroline Street) Corona Cabin Fever Luau.

Yes, yes Clancy’s – known year-round as the place that puts the hula in hula-hoop…

… and while hula was indeed the hoop du jour, it was by no means the only grown-up-kid fun on the premises…. there were limbo contests, karaoke, tik tok dance contests and anything else you could think of , really – all chronicled by the lens of Jill Perkins – who, despite her disappointment in not meeting Tom Selleck, did a great job snapping the festivities.

Hopefully, everyone got leid. Enjoy the gallery.

  • Arthur Gonick – March 7, 2022

Gallery: Tropics Meets the Tundra. All photos: Jill Perkins

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